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Waco Trib June 29, 2002 Natchez Trace Bike Tour

The following was taken from the Waco Trib interview.


Rob Powell doesn't give up easily.

Powell, who set a Guinness World Record last Fall by completing a list of grueling events, is at it again, but this time, it nearly killed him. His goal was to complete the 450 Mile Ride, in 4 days.

Set back, by over an hour, due to road construction on the 3rd day, Powell, double-timed it, to get back on schedule, of completing at least 100 Miles per day. However, the heat, + 90 degrees, and extremely high humidity, took it's toll.

Powell suffered a heat stroke. His manager, and military medic, Beau Brabbin, gave him an IV, to rehydrate the Champ.

This set up the final 4th day with 177 Miles to go, which Rob did, without incident.

'That was my best day of cycling, ever'. Powell said, 'it had, besides the challenging distance, many different experiences. Crossing major rivers and state lines from Mississippi, into the corner of Alabama, and into Tennessee. Then, the terrain turns mountainous. Of coarse, the cold summer rains/thunderstorms, and hail hits. You go from too hot, to too cold, in a matter of minutes. All in all, it was a great ride, and a great experience.'

What's next, for Rob Powell? He is going after his own World Record, this October.''