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The following is taken from The Dallas Morning News, interview.

''Rob Powell, went the extra mile, and then some, just to prove his point.

He was working on a book pointing out the myths and inconsistencies, in the world of fitness, and had no takers as publishers. To prove his point, Powell, a Teacher/Coach, recently broke the Guinness World Record for fitness, gaining him the title of World Fitness Champion.

In 22 hours, 11 minutes and 40 seconds, Powell swam 2 miles, ran 12, hiked 12, did 1,250 push-ups, 1,250 leg lifts, 1,250 jumping jacks, 110 miles of cycling, 20 miles of rowing, 20 miles of elliptical, 3,250 crunches, lifted 300,000 pounds of weights, (upper body only).

To validate the time, Rob had 9 Guinness Certified Officials, with 9 signed official affidavits, only 3 were required, 3 rolls of photos, he videotaped it all, and had dozens of witnesses.

Rob will attempt to break his own record in October.

'My goal is to go under 20 hours', Powell said.''