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THE DEMOCRAT Natchez, Mississippi, June 10, 2002 FRONT PAGE

The following was taken from The Democrat, interview.


Natchez--Rob Powell does more by breakfast than most people do in a month. And he can do more in a day than any other man, in History, so says the Guinness Book of World Records.

The publication recently named Rob Powell as The World Fitness Champion.

To break the record, Powell first added 25% to the existing record, held by Decker, and completed this list... 2 Mile Swim, 12 Mile Run, 12 Mile Hike, 1,250 Push-ups, 1,250 Leg Lifts, 1,250 Jumping Jacks, 110 Mile Cycle, 20 Mile Row, 20 Mile Elliptical, 3,250 Abdominal Crunches, and Lifted 300,000 Pounds of Weights (no leg weights).

It took him only 22:11:40 to do this, beating the old record by 2 hours, and he was back at work the following morning.

Upon completion of the record Guinness Officials told him the record would not be broken for at least 10 years. To prove them wrong, and to further promote fitness, Powell has set out to break his own record in October of this year. 'I would like to go under 20 Hours', Powell said.

Rob's only training partner, a Black German Shepard named Wolf, has a claim to 'The World's Fittest Dog', Powell jokes. Rob says he and Wolf will begin training for the 2nd attempt in August, while he continues his duties as a Texas, Teacher/Coach.

What's next for the Champ? He plans to cycle the 450 Mile Natchez Trace, with Wolf and manager Beau Brabbin, with stops in Jackson, Tupelo, and Nashville speaking on the subjects of fitness, health, exercise and dieting.

Rob is also writing a book and a DVD script, 'Facts, Opinions and Free Advice on Fitness', promoting fitness in a modern lifestyle, to battle the habits of the fattest country in history. Powell is doing everything in his power to change this. Amidst his gruesome work and training schedules, Powell finds time to fit in, promotional tours, motivational speaking engagements, and charity events.

Having developed his own form of martial arts, Powell is an avid martial artist, and works as a martial arts consultant to members of the military and law enforcement communities. He also finds time for mountain hiking/climbing.

He chose to cycle the Trace because of its 'History, and Scenic Beauty', and the 450 Mile challenge.

Just thinking of Powell's life brews exhaustion, but for those who are not quite as fit or as motivated as he is, Powell offers this advice: 'Do something active, everyday' ''