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The following was taken from the Amarillo Globe-News, interview.


What some people will do to get a book published.

Coach Rob Powell, Amarillo area Coach, became The World Fitness Champion, by breaking The Guinness World Record, for fitness.

He did this to gain creditability, to get a book published about fitness in today's busy lifestyle.

He actually shattered the record, formerly held by Maryland's Joe Decker. Powell added another 25% to the events, and did it 2 hours faster. He even faked 3 leg cramps, and did 2 extra miles on the elliptical machine, to take the time over 22:10.

Why, because even though he had 3 times the number of Guinness Certified Officials required,( 9, including professionals, military and law enforcement officers, gym owners and personal trainers, and medical personnel), 3 rolls of film, and video taped it all, Powell said the time was what many would consider unbelievable, he was so far ahead of schedule.

He also had already began to make plans to break his own record the following year, while he was on the elliptical machine. He felt confident he could do so, after knowing what to expect, and how to plan better for it.

He finished in 22:11:40, officially and in that time, accomplished a 2 Mile Swim, 12 Mile Run, 12 Mile Hike, 1,250 Push-ups, 1,250 Leg Lifts, 1,250 Jumping Jacks, 110 Mile Cycle, 20 Mile Row, 20 Mile Elliptical, 3,250 Crunches, 300,000 Pounds of Weights, using Bench Press, Seated Rows, Lat Pulls, Triceps Extension, and Curls.

Coach Rob Powell will try again this October, and says now Guinness knows he is for real, and he will hold nothing back, with a goal of under 20 hours.

'It was all tough' said Powell, 'but training in Martial Arts, since age 4, and teaching Martial Arts, since age 18, that kind of mental discipline really pays off, and helps you focus through the toughest times of the event.'

Right now Powell is his own press agent, and is doing a pretty good job at that. He gets his message about fitness out by doing motivational speaking, and charity events.

Rob says, 'America is the fattest country in history, and it doesn't have to be that way'.

For sure, Coach Rob Powell isn't.''