Wednesday, 06 September 2006
ImageRob Powell, has been called pound for pound, the strongest athlete in History. He is arguably the Greatest Athlete In History, although Rob insists that honor belongs to Jim Thorpe. One thing is for certain, with 4 GUINNESS CERTIFIED WORLD RECORDS and 4 WORLD FITNESS CHAMPIONSHIP TITLES, in a row, from 2001 - 2004, Rob Powell is the GREATEST EXTREME FITNESS, and ENDURANCE ATHLETE IN HISTORY. This is a title Rob is recognized for, worldwide. No one else has ligitimately come close to his mentally tough, and physical performances.

Rob is also recognized, internationally, as ''The World's Toughest Man''. A title Rob jokes about, saying, '' how did they measure that one?'', and ''The World's Fittest Man'', a title once held by Martial Artist, Bruce Lee.

Rob Powell has over 150 Course and World Records involving Fitness, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Rowing, Climbing, Hiking, Triathlons, Weightlifing, Calisthenics, Track and Field, and Martial Arts. He also has over 1,000 victories and awards in these fields and Team Sports.

The Guinness World Records he shattered, and the Sport he created, THE WFC, (World Fitness Championships), measures Pure Power, by testing an athletes Speed, Strength, Endurance and Quickness. These Events Include...a 2 Mile Swim, 12 Mile Run, 12 Mile Hike, 1250 Push-Ups, 1250 Leg Lifts, 1250 Jumping Jacks, 110 Mile Cycle, 20 Mile Row, 20 Mile Elliptical, 3,250 Abdominal Crunches, and 300, 000 Pounds of Weights Lifted, using only Bench Press, Lat Pulls, Seated Rows, Tricep Extension, and Bicep Curls, with a 30,000 pound minimum of each discipline. Completed in.... 22:11:40, 19:17:38, 18:36:15, and 17:45:03.

All the events were witnessed by dozens of Guinness World Record Certified Officials, and every second was Videotaped, capturing each and every discipline, event by event, mile by mile, and lift by lift.

Rob was asked by Guinness World Records to record and write the rules that he used. These rules and events remain and will remain the Standard for Fitness, and the Standard for the Guinness World Record's, Physical Fitness Challenge, and The WFC Competitions and Archives.

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, THE WFC ARCHIVES, nor any other creditable organization in the World will recognize any attempt, without following these Rules, with WFC Certified Officials, and Videotaping of every second, for obvious reasons. No one would refuse to follow these Rules, have these WFC Certified Officials, and Videotape every second, of coarse, unless they had something to hide.

The WFC, (World Fitness Championships), which he formed, based on his Guinness World Records, has a loyal and dedicated following, worldwide. His life has been full of obvious challenges, obstacles, adventures, and victories which many find fascinating. However, Rob can testify that no one succeeds without setbacks. As Rob says, ''it's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how fast you get up and back into the fight''.